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3D Artist of the Month March 2021: Alfa Smyrna

Monday, March 1st, 2021 by Julian Karsunky

RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month winner Alfa Smyrna

Architecture is a reflection of how we think of ourselves and our place in the world. The work of Alfa Smyrna, our March 2021 3D Artist of the Month, is inseparably linked to her life experience. Having spent time in Sweden, where she worked on the iconic IKEA catalog, Alfa developed a great appreciation not only for the Scandinavian aesthetic, but the lifestyle as well. Her personal philosophy naturally extends to her designs, which capture the simple and timeless elegance of minimalist iconography.

In our interview, Alfa talks about creating her own models, honest materials and the beauty of imperfection.

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Project Phoenix: Maximum GPU Price Cut of 75%

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

RebusFarm Project Phoenix - maximum GPU price cut of 75%

The past year was a very rough and difficult one. We all had to face completely new circumstances and find a way to cope with them. We at RebusFarm know that everything is connected and therefore one thing affects the other and a lot of us were affected quite hard. 

Especially in difficult times like these, we have to stay together to be able to rise again. We thought about what we could do to help and came up with:


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Art Wanted! Featuring Brian Lai

Friday, February 12th, 2021 by Julian Karsunky

Brian Lai - 3D rendering of Anthony Hopkins

At one point in the critically acclaimed TV series ‘Westworld’, a character refers to humanity as a “thin layer of bacteria”. When taking a closer look at Brian Lai’s lifelike digital portrait of the show’s star, Anthony Hopkins, one might agree to this rather unflattering description: to teach his students the basics of sculpting anatomy, the Malaysian 3D artist and lecturer meticulously handcrafted every single skin pore of his subject. The result, however is much more than the sum of its (microscopic) parts, and stands as an impressive example of Brian’s talent, diligence and keen eye.

In our interview, Brian talks about his background in photography, choosing to remain a hobbyist and the unique joy to be found in human skin.

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3D Artist of the Month February 2021: Alexey Ryabov

Monday, February 1st, 2021 by Julian Karsunky

RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month winner Alexey Ryabov

Oh what a day. What a lovely day…to unveil our February 2021 3D Artist of the Month! Taking the stage is Alexey Ryabov, a self-taught Belarusian CG artist equally adapt at designing luxurious restaurant interiors and military machinery. His faithful recreation of the iconic ‘Doof Wagon’ from the influential 2015 blockbuster ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is testament to his spectacular modeling skill and diligent research, and just has to be witnessed.

Continue reading to learn more about Alexey’s professional background and artistic approach in our interview!

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XP-Pen Partnership

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Last year we had the pleasure to work together with renowned graphics tablet producer XP-Pen to offer three of our 3D Artist of the Month contest winners an additional special prize.

Furthermore, XP-Pen also sponsored prizes for our Summer Vibes 3D Challenge, as well as, the 3D Artist of the Year.

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3D Artist of the Month January 2021: Hossein Yadollahpour

Monday, January 4th, 2021 by Julian Karsunky

RebusFarm 3D Artist of the Month winner Hossein Yadollahpour

The new year is finally upon us, and while the whole world eagerly awaits change, there is also some comfort to be found in the familiar. As such, we are proud to announce the continuation of our 3D Artist of the Month campaign. Fitting with this theme, kicking off the cycle in January 2021 is Hossein Yadollahpour, a face familiar to our regular readers. Though geographically far removed from the arctic circle, the Iranian archviz artist was inspired to create a series portraying the Norwegian Lofoten archipelago with its beautiful snowy landscapes, spectacularly illuminated by the northern lights.

In our interview, Hossein shares ten tips for aspiring artists and talks about virtual sightseeing, efficient scene management and remaining positive despite hardships.

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Art Wanted! Featuring Preetham raj Rapeti

Thursday, December 17th, 2020 by Julian Karsunky

Preetham Raj Rapeti - Orangutan

As an exceptional year draws to a close, what could make for a more soothing and conciliatory conclusion than looking at baby animals? Although he created a photorealistic orangutan for his demo reel, Preetham raj Rapeti is certainly not monkeying around! A recent graduate of Gnomon, the Indian 3D artist specializes in lifelike characters and is eager to break into the industry.

In our interview, Preetham talks about the development process of ‘Boro the orangutan’, career goals and the virtue of being patient.

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Doctors without Borders 2020 - We're in!

Friday, December 11th, 2020 

doctors without borders 2020

This year has been a difficult year for everyone. But we can't forget the even less fortunate. That's why like the last few years, RebusFarm is supporting the organization DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS with a donation.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS has the goal to provide lifesaving medical humanitarian care as well as speaking out about the issues that they are witnessing.

It would be great if you could join in and maybe make a donation too!

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3D Artist of the Year 2020

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

2020 was a special year but as our 3D Artist of the Month winners showed us, art thrives even in difficult times. That's why we are proud to present the 3D Artist of the Year Contest!

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